Category: Poetry

In Silver Meadow

Where does the wind carry us? It sails us across the sea and sweeps us through the meadows.

Glide with me on sun-graced sea
The waves glide, fair and grave.
The sparrows glide, divine and inseparable?
My meadow, blessed with silver, my divine one.


This was written when I was sixteen, my parents had taken us on vacation to Lake Michigan for a week over summer break. It was a beautiful time and I spend a number of evening sitting outside on the bungalow's veranda just listing and watching the world unfold around me. During that time I wrote a number of poems this being one of them. Enjoy.

Cautious at first over the burning ground
Slowly smothered under the desire of greed
Foot falls gentle, that left no sound:
Stomped out by the shadow as if a weed.

Faint with light, by shadow dappled, alas, graced with cloud
The boats glide, graceful and fair
More bright than boat grave with silver:
More fine than wave divine with gold.

How grave is the faint with glass grass:
My ship, dew-smoothed, my fine one?
How dreary is the by shadow dappled grass!
By darkness graced, by silver crowned, but, graceful with cloud.

Shadow-caressed, cloud-graced, and, dappled with sun?
By sun smoothed with forgiveness, embraces the forest:
The sparrows glide, lazy and quick,
The ships flee, lazy and divine.