To wash the fabrics we produce when we crochet it is preferable to always do it by hand, which is easier on them and better than by machine. The continuous rubbing of the clothes in the washing machine deteriorates the yarn much faster than if washing by hand, so we do it the traditional way.

For this we will use warm water. If the water is too hot you can deform the fibers and cause it to become unsightly.

It is ideal to use a mild detergent. It will serve to use any of those that are on the market and that are indicated for wool and delicate garments.

We will mix the detergent with the water before inserting the clothes and not after.

We will wash the garment carefully, without twisting the fabric or tightening it.

Finally we will rinse it very well with abundant water, also warm.

Once washed, we'll let it lose excess water. For this it is best to lay the crochet work horizontally.

Depending on the garment in question, we can dry it between two towels, which will trap the excess moisture of our fabric.

If we hang a piece of crochet too wet, it will deform by the weight of the water. When this happens it is hard to make it regain its original size and shape.

When we want to wash a lace that we have just finished making (I dreaded this the first time), we will follow the same washing guidelines and let it dry between towels.

To finish drying and prevent it from losing its shape, we will finish the drying by gently hanging it on a line or rack, you can use clothes pins.

The drying process will always be done in the shade if you hang it outside, to prevent the sun from yellowing or altering the color of our garments.

If, despite the possible deterioration, we want to machine-wash the fabrics, we will first have checked that the original material (I keep a record of what I used when producing a garment) allowed this type of cleaning and under what conditions. The ball gives us this data when you buy them so save your packaging (or at least the care instructions). If we have doubts, we'll first wash the piece we did as a sample.

We will use a washing bag or net when placing it in a washing machine, this reduces stress during washing. It needs to be closed tightly, because if the bag does not close well, our fabric will come out in the spinning process.

It is also important that the bag fits the size of what we want to wash. If the bag is too large, it will be the same as not using it at all. If this is the case, we must adjust the bag in such a way that it adapts to the volume of the garment it contains. Otherwise the item can still deform.

When the washing process is complete there should be minimal damage to the item.