Hi and welcome to my website. I am a spinnin(g) enthusiast since high school (which just so happens to be quite a while ago).

When I set out to make the site the original idea was to create a resource for others who were interested in the topic (not as much as I, but interested enough to want to know some of the basics). This is why I have tried to make it into easy to digest segments that are informative and to the point. What I spent time on was making sure that the resources were easy to understand and removed as much of the unnecessary technical lingo of yarn spinning, that is to say make things clearer and more readily understandable.

There should be some warning however, the information still requires some understanding of the techniques used, because without that basis you will be hard pressed to find your footing. Some have suggested that I write a detailed beginner's guide, which is enticing, though I find it daunting (it is easier to share knowledge with somebody who is knowledgeable in your subject) and as was voiced by my husband redundant. So while I may try and reinvent the wheel at some point do not expect it in the near future.

Beyond that I share poetry and other things that have caught my attention.