Can you imagine a general who just before the battle his commander-in-chief tells him that he will have many soldiers to fight?

That's what happened to Gideon with God. Gideon was a judge and warrior of Ancient Israel. He was the fifth of the Judges of the Jewish people and is regarded as one of the most outstanding for the magnitude of his "warrior work" against one of Israel's enemy peoples: the Midianites. He was the son of Joash, of the tribe of Manasseh. The known facts about its history are told in the Book of Judges in chapters 6 to 8.

Our God is very clear that it is his glory, and does not share it with anyone. It is important to God that the people of Israel understand that they were delivered by the hand of God and not by their own hand. God then tells Gideon that he has extra soldiers and therefore has to send a portion of them home. God allowed Gideon to use three hundred men that were the key and with them God gave him victory.

This makes me wonder if in all circumstances I give glory to God. We must be careful to give glory to God in all aspects of our lives. After all, the "trees will provide food, and their leaves will be used for healing people."

It's interesting to see how patient God is with Gideon. Even on the day of battle, Gideon is afraid and God provides him with confirmation that he had delivered the Midianites into his hands. Upon seeing the evidence, he is full of courage and begins the attack against the Midianites. I don't blame Gideon at all because he has a moment of panic, without help he and his forces are not going to be doing a lot. Not only do we want to see signs, but we want to see them with some frequency because the ones we saw already are easy to be forgotten and we want to be refreshed. To know truly that God loves us because no doubt anyone else would have lost patience.

Thank you God for your great love and mercy!