What does a kind word mean? Not only is only this an outstanding way to soothe, it is also important for those who want to build a bridge through which it is possible to share experiences, interests, feelings, projects…

Thus, under the principle of friendship and community we are about to manifest itself through mutual understanding. Its fundamental purpose is to create communicative bridges, thus this can be verbal or through the written word, since both it and the oral word that we use every day, have the virtue of creating a fundamental strategy of permanent harmony. The same can be said when you hear a hurtful word. This same work can be torn down just as easily as it is built up.

That is one of the reasons I write on my blog.

Writing is the best way to adjust life with continuity and it is almost like a cultural sponge. Through it, a variety of possibilities to see and be in the world are created and communicated. Therefore, within its context there are no good or bad ways of writing; only words in action and use; that is, words whose meaning is built on acts of communication.

Up to this point, you may have been a reader but now I invite you to disseminate it and make it your own, sending me your comments, doubts or suggestions related to the topics of the post that appear on the site.

Reading the articles that I share should be like talking to a friend. In this way, with its diverse and focused sections I attempt to offer a discourse that is meant to keep your interest alive, through a friendly word, the affection I have for my topics are my way of making the subjects lively and engaging.

That is to say that I am trying to write in such a way that I would feel welcome and engaged. When this also works for you then we have been able to successful connect.